Welcome to The Winners Circle

Join our exhilarating, exclusive club, where horse racing fans like you can be part of something extraordinary. The Winners Circle is not just another fan club; it's a movement that will ignite the global horse racing community and redefine fan engagement.
Powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology, our members club combines top-tier fan experiences with the disruptive potential of web3 innovation. We're rewriting the rules of engagement by offering fans a tangible stake in this age-old sport.
At the heart of this transformation is the Racing League, which has been breaking new ground with its team-based league competition. In it's fourth year, Racing League is the vanguard of the new age of horse racing, featuring over 130 leading UK and Irish trainers and over 60 top professional jockeys in 2023, including the legendary Frankie Dettori, who also managed one of the competing teams.
The Winners Circle offers an array of thrilling opportunities for fans:
🏆 Grab a piece of the action by owning shares in your favourite horses.
🗳️ Influence the direction of the sport through governance voting.
🔮 Compete in adrenaline-fueled racing games for exciting prizes.
🎁 Gain exclusive access to discounted merchandise, tickets and racing experiences that money can’t buy.

By incentivising engagement and creating an ecosystem of tangible benefits, we're making being a fan mean more than just cheering on the horse you've backed. It's also about building a community that shapes the future of the sport.
Imagine becoming a part-owner of the horse that has caught your eye on the racecourse. Members gain access to exclusive discounts for racehorse ownership syndicate shares. This privilege isn't just about owning a piece of your favourite equine athletes; it also allows you to share in the thrill of victory and the spoils of future prize money.
For the die-hard fans who live for the thrill of live racing, The Winners Circle provides access to discounts on tickets. So whether it's the adrenaline rush of the races or the electric atmosphere of the crowds, you can experience it all firsthand, more often, and for less.
Another incredible opportunity members will unlock is the ability to participate in the running of their favourite Racing League team. Ever felt like you know just what your team needs to win? Now you get to voice those opinions in a tangible way, making real contributions to your team's strategy and success.
Our partnership with Zilliqa allows us to tap into the ever-growing web3 community and the powerful capabilities of blockchain technology. As more people become interested in the decentralised world, we're giving horse racing a platform to attract new fans while, revolutionising the way they interact with the sport and creating a thriving ecosystem that celebrates and rewards their passion.
The Winners Circle strives to become a fan engagement programme. It aims to build a bustling community of enthusiasts, a breeding ground for innovators, and a catalyst for revolutionising the sport we all love. Together, we can make horse racing more inclusive, engaging, and thrilling than ever before.
We can't wait to see you in The Winners Circle!

The Winners Circle

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